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Shut Down Spruce Coal Plant


Not only does San Antonio's hometown utility, CPS Energy, have unjust and inequitable rates, but it's heavily dependent on dirty fossil fuels that are overheating our planet and putting the health of BIPOC community members at risk. Such is the case with the unreliable and dangerous Spruce coal plant.

Yet even with stern warnings from the international research community about accelerated climate violence, CPS has no plan to retire the largest climate violator in our region.

Coal is a broken and extractive system of dig, burn and dump. The Spruce coal plant failed San Antonio and the rest of Texas during Winter Storm URI when it failed to power up, contributing to the multi-day blackout. Now, during the heat of summer in peak ozone season, it's a public health threat as the biggest single source of smog-forming, asthma-worsening, pollution for Bexar County. We are overdue for a serious transition to safer, less costly, cleaner options, like energy efficiency, wind, and solar. Our mayor, city council and CPS have a responsibility to make a commitment to retire San Antonio's last coal plant and commit to an open and public process of retiring the coal plant by 2030, at the latest.

Excerpt from recent IPCC Reports calling an urgency to move away from fossil fuels.

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