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These two Petitions below ran in the fall of 2020 engaging over 15,000 Bexar County voters. Their aim was to change the charter for San Antonio Water system and City Public Service. These charter amendments would allow for accountability from public utilities and ensure rate payers do not take the financial burden for projects intended to make significant financial gain from public projects.

In December of 2020, CPSE obtains a judgment without notice to prevent a citizen led petition drive to reform the utility that would place a charter amendment on the May 2021 ballot.  The judgment is presently on appeal by citizens. Cost for CPS Energy’s legal action-$1M and growing as it goes to appeal in September 2021.


City Public Service Charter Amendment Petition

We continue to seek changes in how CPS makes decisions for the city without community input. We seek to change the structure to ensure community control over public service that regulates rate hikes, energy sources, and emissions control.

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San Antonio Water System Charter Amendment Petition

For years SWU has worked to protect and reduce water usage. This petitions would allow the public to have more control over the system of rate hikes, bonuses and other forms that create burden on low income neighborhoods.

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