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5 Days to Keep the Lights on for 70k CPS Energy Customers

5 Days of Action- We are community members united to hold our utility and city leaders accountable to ratepayers at CPS Energy and SAWS as they resume disconnections for non-payment starting Oct.1. CPS Energy will be seeking a rate hike in the fall of this year and we are calling city council to not rubberstamp this rate hike without rate reform and a path to close the polluting Spruce Coal Plant. The utility has a vacancy on the board of trustees and a nominee is being selected by a two-member selection committee behind closed doors without public input. We are calling on CPS Energy and city council to nominate Dr. Adelita Cantu, a health professional, educator and community advocate to the board of trustees.

Tuesday 9/28: Tweet Storm/Phone Zap to mayor, city council and CPS Energy board-more details to come

Wednesday 9/29: Attend and speak at the Municipal Utilities Committee 10am. Location: Council Briefing Room, City Hall. 100 Plaza de Armas

Sign up to speak:


Attend and speak at City Council Public Comment Sessions Wednesday 9/29 5pm;

Municipal Plaza Building 114 W Commerce St

Sign up to speak:

Thursday 9/30: Attend and speak at City Council A session 9am. Municipal Plaza Building 114 W Commerce St.


Friday 10/1: Vigil inside CPS Energy Headquarters to acknowledge our neighbors that will be facing disconnections starting Oct.1.

Make sure to sign the online petition:

Photo from Monday, Sept. 27 action outside of CPS Energy Trustee Board Meeting.

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